Bait & Switch

(improper duple minor)

A1 – Neighbor Gypsy Left 1x (6) Swing Previous Neighbor (10)
A2 – Give & Take to Man’s Side (Swing Partner) (16)

B1 – Hands-Across Star Right 1x (8) Ladies Chain to Neighbor (8)
B2 – Wrist-Grip Star Left 1x (8) Neighbor Allemande Left 1x (6) Pass New Neighbor (the one you gypsied in A1) by the right. (2) on to a newer neighbor.

Teaching Tips:

Identify Neighbors as #1 (current), #2 (future) and #3 (way future).  The walk through of the dance should actually start in the last two beats of B2 where you pass neighbor #1 by the right shoulder to gypsy neighbor #2. Then you come back to neighbor #1 to swing. The rest of the dance is pretty straight forward during the walk-through until you get to B2 again. During B2 of the first walk-through, you want to tell the dancers to allemande left neighbor #1 one time, then pass neighbor #2 by the right shoulder (to progress) and gypsy neighbor #3 in order to come back to neighbor #2 to swing.  Complicated, I know, but it helps to make the dance easier to teach it this way. It took me several times to figure out how to call this dance well.