P.S. Nobody Likes You

Authors: Ryan S. and Stacey Lang
(clockwise becket)

A1 – with new neighbors, Promenade Across (8) Men Allemande R 3/4 (4) into a long wavy line of men Balance the wavy line (4)
A2 – Ladies wander in (4) balance the whole wave (4) Gypsy Star all the way (men are back on their original side, ladies are facing them)

B1 – Ladies pull by left to start full hey (passing left in the center) (16)
B2 – Ladies pass left one more time (2) Partner Gypsy (4) & Swing (10)

The progression is on the promenade, so while your new neighbors are on the left diagonal, since men pass left shoulders in a promenade, I think it’s clearer just to tell them to promenade with new neighbors.