The Fault in Our Stars

Primary writing credit should go to Stacey Lang, with help from Ryan S. and Dugan Murphy
(clockwise becket)

A1 – (Slide Left) Ladies start a hands across right hand star and men join behind their partners, ladies going once around and men going two places (ladies are home, men are swapped) (8); ladies continue to allemande right 1.5 while men turn over left shoulders and orbit counter-clockwise half way (men are home, ladies swapped)(8)
A2 – Neighbor balance and swing on man’s home side (16)

B1 – Ladies walk into the center to form a wavy line (4) balance the wave (4) men to the center to form an interlocking wavy line (men’s arms below to facilitate swing) (4) everyone balance (4)
B2 – (men drop lefts, ladies drop rights) Ladies walk back, men walk forward to do a gypsy star 3/4 (8) partner swing (8) Dance progresses by sliding left to new neighbors.

Teaching Tips:
All of the complication of this dance is packed into A1. My recommendation is to inform the dancers of this and then to walk through A1 twice before moving on to the rest of the dance.

This dance is based on the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

A video of the dance (first time called, still a little rough on the calling/teaching):

explanation of the choreography: