Wave-Particle Duality

(improper duple minor)

A1 – Balance & Petronella (8) into Wavy Lines, Men facing out (trail buddy in Right Hand). Balance Right & Left, Slide Right (8)
A2 – With Trail Buddy, Ladies pass Right to start half a hey (8) Turn away from trail buddy to gypsy partner 1 time around,(8)

B1 – into a half hey, Ladies lead passing Left. (8) Swing Partner (8)
B2 – Balance Circle, Roll Ladies away (Men roll partner) (8) Balance & Petronella to new Neighbors (8)

Identifying the trail buddy when they first get into wavy lines is important.
If you’re not spot-on with the calling, there’s a tendency for dancers to reform the wavy line and try to go back the other way.
At the ends, people should always cross over and stay alert (either for their partner & a gypsy + hey or their neighbor for a wavy lines balance + hey)